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Both recreational and competitive gymnastics programs promote strength, flexibility, endurance, confidence, fitness and fun. While IGG's Achievement Programs (non-competitive) are fitting for anyone, competitive programs usually require an invitation to join after being evaluated by a qualified coach.

What Do Coaches Look For When Inviting Kids To Team?


When considering a child for a team program, coaches look for the following traits:


  • Physical Strength – Can the child easily perform strength exercises such as pull-ups, leg lifts, sprinting, push-ups, sit-ups, and hollow body holds?
  • Flexibility – Is the child’s body flexible enough to handle some of the requirements of gymnastics? Can his/her flexibility be improved over time?
  • Basic Skills – How are the child’s gymnastics fundamentals? Has the child spent enough time in a class or pre-team program to master the basics? Can the child perform the basics properly? Does the child know proper gymnastics terminology?
  • Motivation – Does the child want to learn and succeed, or is she content right where she is?
  • Coachability – Does the child listen to corrections and try to apply them? Is the child willing to take a few steps back to fix old skills before learning new skills?
  • Mental Toughness – How sensitive is the child? Does he or she respond well to criticism? Would the child be able to perform in front of a judge and receive a performance-based score with no more than a healthy amount of anxiety?
  • Sportsmanship – Would this child fit in with existing team members? Would he or she encourage the other athletes? Would this child accept both success and defeat respectfully and graciously?


Our competitive teams start at Level 2 and progress all the way to aspiring Elites. The gymnasts progress by age and ability in our program. Each gymnast is looked upon as individual athletes who will move through the levels of our sport based on their ability. We continuously challenge each gymnast and advance her gymnastic skills within her capability. Our experienced coaching staff is passionate about making champions, as well as  making the journey fun along the way!

Competition Team


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